10 Amazing Facts about Honeybees

December 10, 2019 3 min read

10 Amazing Facts about Honeybees - GreenHive Collective

10 Amazing Facts about Honeybees

When it comes to honeybees, people have a tendency to mistake them for some of their more ferocious bee cousins. In truth, honeybees are delightful creatures that are known for pollinating flowers and helping the world around us to continue thriving. More importantly, they make delicious honey! Since honeybees are so cool, we wanted to share some fun facts about these flower-loving insects.

  1. Honeybees Can Fly Up to Fifteen Miles Per Hour—Bees are incredibly adept flyers. They can fly very fast and for incredibly long distances.
  2. Bee Pollination Accounts for Almost A Third Of The Plants We Eat—Bees are known for pollinating a variety of plants, not just flowers. In fact, bees make a lot of the fruits and vegetables that we eat possible.
  3. There Are Three Types of Bees in Every Hive—Within a hive, there are three types of bees: a queen, worker bees, and drones. The worker bees do all the work. The queen and drones will handle reproduction to make more bees.
  4. A Queen Honeybee Can Lay Up To 2500 Eggs Per Day—Bees will lay different amounts of eggs throughout the year depending on the needs of the hive. In certain seasons, a queen honeybee can really kick it up a notch and produce a ton of bees to help serve the hive.
  5. Honeybees Can Visit Almost A Hundred Flowers Per Outing—If you thought your work or school day is busy, imagine being a bee. Bees follow trails that we can’t see that show them where the flowers are. They put in a lot of hours in their day!
  6. New Queen Bees Eat Royal Jelly—When a new larva is selected to become queen, the worker bees will feed her a royal jelly to help her grow big and strong. This is a ritual that is founded in elevating the queen bee to rise to her potential.
  7. The Famous Bee Buzz Is Actually Their Wings Moving—If you have ever heard a bee buzzing and thought that they were talking to you, you actually heard their wings. Bees can move their wings very quickly, and when they do, the buzzing sound occurs.
  8. Honeybees Don’t Need Sleep—Even though honeybees work nonstop, they don’t actually sleep. Instead, bees merely rest to rebuild their energy so that they can tackle the workday. They even do it without coffee!
  9. The Average Worker Bee Makes ½ A Teaspoon of Honey in Their Lifetime—This is a really small amount of honey, particularly for us honey lovers. However, in truth, this is an entire lifetime of work for a single bee.
  10. Honeybees Dance to Talk—When it comes to communicating, bees love to dance it out. They have been known to shimmy about or do a quick jig to let their fellow bee-thren know what they are thinking!

Honeybees are beautiful creatures that do a lot of good for our planet. Currently, they are facing some pretty serious problems around the globe because of a variety of factors. Things like global climate change and Wi-Fi signals are making it difficult for bees to keep on being. We should all do our part to show the bees our love, so next time you see one, thank it for its contributions to our planet!

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