Living Slow and Easy - Sloth Sticker

Help Us Save The Sloth!

These lovable creatures are known for hanging out in trees cruising and snoozing, but there is a lot more to them than just being slow.

10% of the proceeds from the sale of this sticker are donated to The Sloth Conservation Foundation, the world’s leading conservation organization. 

By donating to great charities that fight for animal rights, we can all help to make sure the sloth can continue to chill out in the rainforest for years to come!

About This Sticker:


This 3- inch sloth sticker is a perfect add-on gift idea for your friend who likes to "take it easy" or just a fun unique sticker that you can proudly display everywhere and start up conversations about sloth conservation


  • 1 "Living Slow and Easy" Sloth Sticker (3")

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