Friend of the Honeybee Patch

Save the Bee and help cultivate the beehives!

Bees are the unsung heroes behind our food resources and they deserve our support!

Show your love for bee conservation by proudly flaunting "Friend of the Honeybee Patch". This cute little bee patch is contrasted with a sober blue and playful yellow. 

It's perfect for a day under the sun, appreciating the tireless works of the bees. The Friend of the Honeybee Patch is here to celebrate the little warriors and start a dialogue for conservation. 

We believe that every good thing starts from within. So when you buy a bee patch, we donate a portion to Planet Bee. 

Get busy for the bees, today!

About This Honey Bee Patch:

  • 2.25" wide by 2.25" tall, iron-on or stitch


A Honey Bee Hive is comprised of a queen bee, female worker bees, and male drone bees. Hives can hold up to 60,000 bees and can last for years. Bees are the single most important pollinator.

Saving the bees means saving our food source. Be a friend to the bee and Plant bee-friendly flowers.

Check out our blog for more interesting facts about the honeybee!

10% of the proceeds from the sale of this patch are donated to charities that help aid in the preservation of the Honeybee.